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Selenium courses are one of the most uprising courses at the moment. Verzeo's Selenium Job Guarantee program not only would prepare you to build expertise in the Selenium architecture and Selenium 3.0 components but also train you to land the right kinds of jobs in the field.In this job guarantee program, you are going to master the automation testing framework for web applications and work on multiple live projects with certified experts.


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Course Overview

Our comprehensive Selenium Course is going to make you an expert in Selenium automation with our certified trainers. Right from walking you through the entire concepts of Selenium to helping you build expertise in OOPs and Core Java concepts, our training program has it all. Get acquainted with tools like Docker and GitHub for implementing continuous testing to improve your productivity. This training program will also help you gain practical insights into the Selenium IDE and train you in the basic SQL techniques within our projects.


Selenium Course Description

Our Selenium Job Guarantee Program will teach you how to build your very own Test Automation Framework using Java. Our experts will help you along the way. As we provide you the right resources, we also provide you opportunities to work with top-tier companies which reflects the essence of our Job Guarantee Program.


Training Hours


Students Trained


Mentorship Hours

Skills Covered

  • OOPs/Java Concepts
  • Selenium IDE
  • Use of automation testing
  • Selenium components and RC introduction
  • Selenium Webdriver 2.0 and 3.0 introduction

Key Features

  • Weekly Mentoring Sessions With Industry Experts
  • 200+ Hours Of Learning
  • Feasible Payment Process
  • Certificates From Internationally Renowned Universities And Firms
  • Practical Exposure Through Real-Time Projects And Assignments
  • Crash Course For Better understanding and Quick learning
  • Mock Test / Mock Interviews to Make you Interview Ready

Selenium Course Certificate

Learning with Verzeo comes with its usual and amazing perks. Check out the certificates offered from Microsoft and many other internationally renowned universities and firms.

Selenium Course Curriculum

Explore a variety of modules and concepts that we would be covering in this program in the section below.

Course Content

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Selenium and get an understanding of the features, framework, and concepts of OOPS/JAVA..

Learn the explanation of Selenium components and their advantages and usage.

Master the OOPS and JAVA programming concepts.

Understand installation of Selenium IDE and Introduction to Selenium RC and learn to develop test cases and suites.

Setup test NG, Maven, and Selenium and understand JDK 1.8.

Introduction to Selenium Web Driver and Learn about simple test cases and how to get Windows handles.

Learn about software testing and its importance. Understand the Manual Testing Process, differentiate between Manual and Automated Testing.

Learn and understand the Requirements Phase, Analysis Phase, Design phase, Coding Phase, Testing phase and Release and Maintenance Phase.

Introduction to Waterfall Model, V Model, Agile Model, Prototype Model, Spiral Model.

Learn about the static techniques like Informal Reviews, Walkthroughs, Test Case Design Techniques, Technical Reviews and Inspection.

Get an insight into various Dynamic Techniques like Black-box Test Techniques, Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing and State Transition Testing.

Master in Statement Coverage Testing, Branch Coverage Testing, Path Coverage Testing, Conditional Coverage Testing and Loop Coverage Testing.

Learn about Error Guessing, Exploratory Testing and Checklist-based Testing

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Our students have made it to the world’s finest when it comes to employment getting placed in eminent companies like Microsoft, Cisco and NVIDIA among many others. You can too, with Verzeo Certification.

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Pricing Plan

We offer our courses across three tiers based on coverage which offers you the full deal in course coverage and learning materials. So enroll now and start learning.


₹ 20,000

No Live Classes

Video Content- 60 Hours

University Smart E-books / E-Learning Content

2 Major + 2 Minor Projects

Program Completion Certificate

Co-branded Internship Completion Certificate

No University Certificate

100% Job Guarantee



₹ 25,000

Live classes : 30 Hours

Video Content : 60 Hours

University Smart E-books / E-Learning Content

2 Major + 2 Minor Projects

Program Completion Certificate

Co-branded internship Completion Certificate

No University Certificate

100% Job Guarantee


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Frequently Asked Questions

A resourceful Selenium training program like Verzeo's would help you enough since it trains you from the beginning. However, other than that, it's also advisable that you have a hold on Core Java Programming and some knowledge about OOPs concepts since it would give you a headstart when you start the course.

Selenium in itself is a great framework. With great careers and a really good scope of improvement, Selenium is a great career option. However, with the rise in technologies, it’s hard to say when or if Selenium would be replaced with a better option. As such, it’s always advisable to not put all your eggs in one basket and also build expertise in something else side-by-side.

In the US, the average salary of a Selenium tester is around $98,000 per annum. In some cases, it could be a minimum of $17,000 and a maximum of $160,000 per annum.


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