Business Analytics Program | Job Guarantee Program (Professional)

Business Analytics is a soaring field that's getting popular with the growth of industries and modern companies. It's a field that builds the right skills in you that could be applied throughout all the industries. Right from analyzing data to building models and create informative data visualizations, everything is done by business analysts.


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Course Overview

Business Analytics is a career perfect for those who desire a transition towards the field of analytics. Verzeo's Business Analytics job guarantee program will not only make you an expert in the field but will also walk you through the entire field, thus allowing you to easily transform into any job role that the field offers.


Business Analytics Course Description

The Business Analytics job guarantee program will allow you to set your foot in any of the business analytics jobs which includes Business Analysts, Data Analyst, Data Engineers, etc.


Training Hours


Students Trained


Mentorship Hours

Skills Covered

  • Python
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • ML Algorithms
  • NLP
  • Forecasting
  • Tableau
  • EDA

Key Features

  • Weekly Mentoring Sessions With Industry Experts
  • 200+ Hours Of Learning
  • Feasible Payment Process
  • Certificates From Internationally Renowned Universities And Firms
  • Practical Exposure Through Real-Time Projects And Assignments
  • Crash Course For Better understanding and Quick learning
  • Mock Test / Mock Interviews to Make you Interview Ready
  • Resume Building Program for Personality Development

Business Analytics Certificates

Learning with Verzeo comes with its usual and amazing perks. Check out the certificates offered from Microsoft and many other internationally renowned universities and firms.

Business Analytics Course Curriculum

Get to know the concepts covered in the HR course to chart your learning graph and stay ahead of the schedule.

Course Content

Learn every basic thing you need to know about Data Science in this module.

Get started with Python and understand how it’s essential for Data Science. Learn everything about data types, arrays, etc.

Understand data visualization in-depth and understand how data frames work.

Introduction to probability & distribution, central limit theorem, hypothesis testing.

Learn all about exploratory data analysis & feature engineering

Learn everything about machine learning, algorithms, supervised and unsupervised learning, etc.

This module teaches you all about support vector machines, K-Means, and Random ForestLinear.

Natural Language Processing teaches you all about NLTK, Stopwards, stemming, and Naive Bayes.

Learn how to implement algorithms of ML in real life using Sklearn.

This module helps you understand the "Trend, Seasonality and Cyclicity Causal models".

Learn about forecasting methods and their characteristics that include moving average, weighted moving average, etc.

Learn about Tableau software, data insights, histogram, tree charts, etc.

Familiarize yourself to field grouping, sorting, filtering, and what-if analysis with parameters.

Learn what's dashboarding and good practices in dashboarding. Also, find out what Story building with the dataset means.

This module teaches you everything about Gaussian/Normal Distribution along with sampling distribution and central limit theorem and correlation coefficient.

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Our students have made it to the world’s finest when it comes to employment getting placed in eminent companies like Microsoft, Cisco and NVIDIA among many others. You can too, with Verzeo Certification.

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Pricing Plan

We offer our courses across three tiers based on coverage which offers you the full deal in course coverage and learning materials. So enroll now and start learning.


₹ 20,000

No Live Classes

Video Content- 70 Hours

University Smart E-books / E-Learning Content

2 Major + 2 Minor Projects

Program Completion Certificate

Co-branded Internship Completion Certificate

No University Certificate

100% Job Guarantee



₹ 25,000

Live classes : 60 Hours

Video Content : 70 Hours

University Smart E-books / E-Learning Content

2 Major + 2 Minor Projects

Program Completion Certificate

Co-branded internship Completion Certificate

No University Certificate

100% Job Guarantee



₹ 45,000

Live classes : 80 Hours

Video Content : 100 Hours

University Smart E-books / E-Learning Content

4 Major + 2 Minor Projects

Program Completion Certificate

Co-Branded internship Completion Certificate

University Certificates

100% Job Guarantee


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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Analytics is a technology-driven process and is constantly helping businesses to grow in their fields. As the data being produced isn’t slowing down, Business analytics is also expected to grow exponentially in the future.

Some of the skills that will help you become better in Business Analytics to include Business decision making, Data Analysis in modeling, Knowledge of analytics tools, and SQL.

A business analyst job pays well around ₹6,05,891 in India, depending on the type of company they work in.

Our job guarantee program is one of the most exclusive placement programs. Not only does it train you well in the field, but also makes sure you land the right job with a good salary.


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