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Learn MongoDB using NodeJS- build tools, desktop and mobile applications with utmost precision.

If you’re looking for a database solution that makes sense for your application’s data and query types, then this course is for you. We will teach you how to connect and query data from the MongoDB database with an existing Node application.

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Overview of MongoDB using NodeJS

This course will help you understand the A to Z of MongoDB with NodeJS. Be a pro at this MongoDB module and make it possible to query for records in a collection and perform the regular update, delete and insert operations. We will connect to a MongoDB database from a Node.js app, followed by extracting a list of documents from the database, and printing the results to your console.

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Not really. MongoDB is a non-relational database, while SQL is a relational database which means that MongoDB stores and retrieves data in a non-tabular format.

Definitely yes. The curriculums are designed with projects and technical assignments; you will surely gain industry-level skills as soon as you complete the course.

Concepts covered in MongoDB using NodeJS

Learn how to build tools, desktop applications, and mobile applications. You get a deep understanding of starting a project with NodeJS, the project’s file structure, and similar implementations.

1.How to build an API

2.Information and links to static pages

3.Connecting to UDP

4.How to use Node.js

5.How to create a project using Node.js

6.How to start the project

7.Understanding the file structure of the project

8.Information about package.json

9.Information about app.js

10.Information about NPM

11.Packages in Node.js

12.3rd Party Modules in Node.js

13.Package Versioning in Node.js

Get the advanced knowledge and application of Node.js.

1.Callbacks in Node.js

2.Promises in Node.js

3.Process consumption with Async/await

You will learn about the concepts of the query language, operational and administrative considerations, and procedures.

1.Installation of MongoDB

2.Database (shell)

3.Connecting DB to pages

Along with getting an in-depth idea about the Mongoose library, you will learn every small application that uses MongoDB.

1.What Is Mongoose

2.Creation of simple tour model

3.Creating documents and testing the model

4.Back End Architecture: Logic, MVC, etc

5.How to Import Development Data

6.How to make the API bette

7.Getting to know the API Features

8.Getting to know Aggregation Pipelines

9.Knowing about Middleware

10.What is Data Validation

Get the hang of managing passwords, permissions for the users. By learning to clean data and securing them, you will get to know the A to Zs of the security Mongo Database.

1.Modeling and Creating Users

2.Managing Passwords

3.Authentication process with JWT

4.User Sign Up

5.User Log in

6.Protection of Tour Routes

7.Managing User Permissions

8.How to perform a Thisassword reset?

9.How to send JWT via Cookie

10.How to implement Rate Limiting

11.How to perform Data Sanitization?

12.How to prevent Parameter Pollution?

13.Advanced Postman setup and usage

Learn about the structures of documents and how MongoDB allows related data to be embedded within a single document.

1.MongoDB Data Modelling

2.Modelling Tour Guides

3.Modeling Review

4.What are Nested Routes?

5.Handler Factory Functions in depth

6.Addition of a /me Endpoint

7.Importing Review and User Data

8.Improving Read Performance with the help of Indexes

9.Average Rating on Tours

10.Avoiding Duplicate Reviews

11.Geospatial Queries and Aggregation

Learn the basics of Github. You will also learn how to respond to issues.

1.Set up Git, Github

2.Basics of Github

3.Preparing App for deployment

Learn with the advanced features of E-mail, Payments, etc., based on the student’s understanding of the topic.

1.Time permitting and depending on Students' understanding.

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Get certified by top institutions in the country and Microsoft, our Gold Partner in helping us empower students like you with the requisite skills in your domain of proficiency.

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MongoDB is suitable for applications that require simple queries, data aggregation that is simple and fast, and data whose structure changes over time.

NodeJS is crucial as it is used to connect relational and non-relational databases such as SQL and MongoDB, respectively.

It is used in various industries to design applications like never before possible.


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