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Learn Django(MongoDB) from scratch to the advanced level.

Developed in a fast-paced newsroom environment, Django was designed to ease the everyday web-development tasks. If you are looking for the proper web framework that enables the rapid development of secure and maintainable web applications, this course is all you need!

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Overview of Django(MongoDB)

This course aims to equip you with enough technical knowledge to understand how Django works. It will help you take the applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible. This course will introduce you to non-relational schema design and tools provided by Django MongoDB Engine to put that design into action.

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Django is a Python web framework for fast growth, practical, maintainable, clean look, and website security.

Django MongoDB Engine is a MongoDB backend for Django, the Python Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Concepts covered in Django(MongoDB)

Learn everything about the Python programming language, like writing codes, compiling programming languages, and the advantage of learning Python.

1.Installation and Setup

2.Basic Syntax

3.Writing codes and compiling in Python

4.Error Handling

5.Interpreted vs. compiled programming languages

6.Advantage of Python over others

Know about the syntax and basic commands of the Python programming language.





5.Files in Python

6.JavaScript Object Notation

7.The Python Package Index

PyMongo is a Python distribution containing tools for working with MongoDB, and it is a highly recommended way to work with MongoDB. This section deals with the A to Z of PyMongo.



3.Documents[Insert, Bulk Insert, Counting]

4.How to use 'Find Conditions'

5.Indexes, Keywords and Datetime

You will learn about one of the essential SQL databases called MongoDB which is ruling the present industry.

1.Installation of MongoDB

2.Database[Create, Update, Deletion]

3.Connecting DB to pages

4.MongoDB Advantages

5.MongoDB Data Modelling

We will teach you how to design your schema according to user requirements. With us be a pro at Data Modelling and Schema Designing.

1.Database References

2.Model Tree Structures

3.Analysing Queries

4.Atomic Operations

5.Map Reduce

6.Regular Expression

7.Capped Collections

Learn how to sustain a query when the index contains all the fields scanned by the query.

1.Indexing and Aggregation

2.Query profiling and the query optimizer

3.GeoSpatial Indexes

4.Indexing Limitations

5.Advanced Indexing

Django provides a powerful form of library that handles rendering forms as HTML. Learn about the features, advantages, and complexities of the web developing framework Django.

1.What is Django

2.Advantages of Django

3.Features of Django

4.Relationship between Django and Python

5.Installing Django and Database setup

Get knowledge about a high-level Python web framework that will allow rapid development of secure and well-maintained websites.

1.Project setup

2.Setting up the admin site

3.HTML templates

4.URLs and views

5.Single post page

6.Static files

7.Template inheritance

8.Post images, multi-level templates etc

9.Django Forms

10.User Registrations

Learn the integration of Web Developing framework Django with a robust database MongoDB.

1.How it works

2.Use Django Admin to add documents

3.Quering embedded fields

4.Migrating an existing Django app to MongoDBPermalink

5.Setting up an existing MongoDB database on DjangoPermalink


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