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The period before IoT was called the “Internet of People” period where the connective specimen brought people across the planet on a single platform for obtaining access to unbridled levels of information, services and products. Post the invention of the principle called the ‘Internet of Things’, the internet’s powers of connectivity and inanimate objects and components coagulating to provide interconnective and interactive services among such objects.

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Overview of Internet of Things

IoT has given a whole new dimension to the way the connective power of Internet-based devices are harnessed and is a new-age tech principle gaining great traction among the industry. There are many examples today that can be attributed to using IoT principles like voice-recognition remotes for Smart TVs (Smart TVs themselves are IoT-powered devices), speech-to-text conversion devices and many others. IoT’s popularity has soared over the past few years and within the industry, the advent of IoT internships are increasing manifold. The future is moving towards realising the impact of the connection between computers and communication technologies, and the Internet is the medium which facilitates a medium to combine the two. This can have far-reaching implications.

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Today, the concept of the Internet of Things is an industry discipline worth about $690 million currently and expected to be worth $1.25 trillion by 2025 with an annual CAGR of 10.53%. It is due to this that people are flocking towards learning about this miraculous domain. There are various software and connectivity tools available that can be used for creating, manipulating and working on IoT circuits as well as analyzing the data received from any operations undertaken within the circuit or networks. The five most prominent IoT tools are mentioned below:

  • Arduino -A connective programming technology which is considered to be the base of IoT programming. A multi-specialised environment.
  • Tessel - It is the hardware management and interfacing tool to create bespoke IoT prototypes.
  • Eclipse for IoT -Another programming environment. Eclipse for IoT is a dedicated development service as part of the Eclipse programming environment.
  • Raspberry Pi -It is a dedicated circuitry management system and is one of the best at that. Raspberry Pi is used for creating specialised IoT-based circuit boards which can support the creation of connective networks.
  • NodeRED -NodeRED is a visual tool that is created using Node.js language to provide visual interfaces for IoT applications.
  • Device Hive - Device Hive is a communications framework and works specifically on providing connection mediums for interaction between various components and devices.

One way to become a bigwig in this field is certainly to improve your skill-set in the field and it is through doing internships that one can get to work to attain the levels of matching up with the creme-de-la-creme of the industry. When are you are part of an IoT internship, it is important that you get to work across multiple levels to learn about what goes into the creation of such networks. It is important to have knowledge of various circuitry and components and other paraphernalia.

There are many skills that are required for a candidate to become an exponent in IoT, namely:

  • Hardware and Network Interfacing
  • Knowledge of Computer Networks
  • Automation, and
  • IT Infrastructure Development

These skills can be sharpened in the duration of an internship and there are plenty of platforms online now that provide top-class programmes for your internship in IoT. These programmes are value-for-money and many provide them for free as well. Verzeo is one of the premier organizations providing Internet of Things internship courses at a premium value. The Internet of Things Internship course of Verzeo touches on various terminologies and technologies and contains up-to-date learning content to make candidates Industry-capable and able to grasp quickly and easily.

IoT like many other disciplines offers a plethora of job roles and opportunities to people looking to imprint their excellence in the industry. The various job profiles available for employment or an IoT internship are:

  • UI/UX Developer
  • Computer Networks Specialist
  • Network Engineer
  • System Architects
  • OpenCV Developer
  • System Networks Architect, and many more

IoT wide range of portfolios means that it is also a rewarding career option. In India, an entry-level professional starts off with about ₹4 Lacs in his account every year and it steadily increases to about ₹8-10 Lacs per annum, as per reputed web source Glassdoor. Managers tend to get a bigger slice of the pie with earnings of around ₹16-18 Lacs per annum. It goes to show how much IoT has evolved as a domain over the years and the demand for such technologies in the present and the future.

Concepts covered in Internet of Things

IoT being a concept of interconnection of devices to share information across the globe is another demonstration of how technology has eased up our lives.

Basics is the basis of any subject. This module strengthens our foundation in the field of Electronics.

This module tells us about Embedded electronics which are specialized circuits that do something that wasn't possible with previous hardware.

Knowledge of Communication networks like LoRaWAN, Zigbee, IEEE 802.11 is necessary to choose the right network in accordance with the purpose.

External and Internal Communication concepts are overviewed.

Introduction to Value Framework, Physical Prototypes and Ecosystem Analysis.

Concepts need to be put in as elements on the hardware and PCB is one such hardware(support piece) to start with idea implementation.

This section is the application of information from all the modules into making of a project.

Project Titles

IoT requires a lot of experience in working and management of specialised circuits. But you will be ready for the challenge by gaining experience when working on our real-time IoT-based projects.

Internet of Things

LDR based Colour Detection System

Create an intelligent system that based on LDR characteristics can detect the different colours in lights.

IoT based Weather Reporting System

Using IoT principles create a system that can detect and provide information about existing weather conditions and patterns.

Home Automation Systems

Create an app or a mechanism using which you can connect and operate other devices in your house using a centralized control system.

Certified Course

The journey of learning never ends but there are milestones along the way we have to keep and reach to attain our ultimate goals.

Your milestones here will be the certificates you receive and deserve. Certificates from Verzeo and top institutions to boost your CV and your career prospects.

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Our Alumni Works At

Some of the best companies in the world including NVIDIA, IBM, Amazon and Cisco. You can find your way through to the best by learning with Verzeo.

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Job roles are evolving and you must evolve in terms of your skill sets too. When you evolve, you not just pave way for a secure and irreplaceable job profile but for an authoritative one as well. Besides an authoritative job profile, IoT is one of the most interesting industries to work in currently.

C is considered the most useful for IoT devices because it doesn't require a lot of processing power. JavaScript is another popular Web application language, but developers see Python as superior for IoT projects, due to its support for embedded programming.

Vital skills to become an IoT developer are:

  • AI and Machine learning.
  • AutoCAD
  • Knowledge on javascript and Python.
  • Cloud computing.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to make a significant impact on the energy sector. From monitoring the temperature of a room using sensors to complex applications that are used to control the energy use of an entire building, IoT helps in cost-cutting.

IOT experts in India earn an average salary of 10-25 lacs and 92% of freshers inside the IoT domain are paid around 6 lacs per annum.

Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.


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