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Render your dream car to reality with our Car Design Course. Drive your imagination to your design’s destination. Learn to develop your dream car’s appearance and ergonomics.

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Overview of Car Designing

Car Design is the art and science of developing a car’s appearance and ergonomics of cars. This course is carefully curated keeping absolute beginners in mind. We will teach you how to operate the latest car designing applications like CATIA and ALIAS and help you apply your newly acquired knowledge in practical sessions and projects.

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Contrary to popular belief, Car Design is a lucrative career with a bright scope.

Many Automotive giants have their design and development centers in India. With Tesla coming to India, this competition will only get rigorous, and the race to become the best car brand has only begun. So this is your chance to invest your time and efforts and embrace yourself for vehicles’ future.

The most popular professions in this sector are Automotive Engineer and Automotive Designer.

Concepts covered in Car Designing

In the introductory classes, you will learn about the basics of car design, its scope, history, and fundamental structure. You will also get knowledge about the car development cycle and reverse engineering.

  • Introduction of Car Design
  • Scope of Study
  • Car Engineering – History and Classification
  • Structure and Layout of Car
  • Design needs in Automotive application
  • Car Development cycle in the industry
  • Reverse Engineering in Automobile Industry –Introduction

Turn your imagination into 3-D reality with CATIA. This module is an introduction to CATIA and the basics of sketch tracing along with its practical application.

  • Concept design to Virtual design conversion
  • Introduction to CATIA
  • Design Parameters of Car Body
  • Sketch tracing and connections
  • Freestyle surfacing
  • Surface-Based operations
  • Exercise: Car body Design

This is an advancement to your basic car structure. You will learn to design hood, walls and gain an understanding of sheet metal parameters.

  • Design parameters for Hood
  • Sheet Metal parameters
  • Generating Walls
  • Stamping and Cutting Sheet Metals
  • Exercise: Car Hood Design

The suspension system comprises tires, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect a vehicle to its wheels. Under this topic, you will learn about this critical component and how to assemble it in CATIA.

  • Suspension system design parameters
  • Suspension system types in Car
  • Developing Parts of the suspension system
  • Constraints of the Suspension system
  • Assembling suspension parts
  • Analyzing Assemblies
  • Exercise: Suspension System

Learn about the types of wheels and their design parameters under this section. Wire and Surfaces Classes will also be discussed. ALIAS Automotive is the prime focus of this section.

  • Design parameters of wheels
  • Various wheels and tire variants
  • Basic terminologies on Wires and Surfaces Classes
  • Introduction to ALIAS Automotive
  • Developing NURBS and geometry of wheels
  • Detailing wheels
  • Exercise: Wheels

Construction Tolerance and Surface Evaluation are of utmost importance while designing a car. Without this, your model may fail. You will learn about them under this section.

  • The freeform blend of Car
  • Construction Tolerances
  • Technical Surfacing evaluations
  • Tolerances at surface patches
  • Governing control points
  • Exercise: Sport Car

In this module, explore more about the Meshing Sports Car model, create mesh on the surface using Barrel Surfacing, understand what deviation is, in the Meshing model.

In this module, get an idea about the size and proportion of a car, learn to set an outline for your Car, also learn to create a Product Benchmark and many more.

In this module, learn about Steering Control, which is divided into two parts: Under Steer and Over Steer. Also, expand your knowledge in the Aerodynamics domain of a vehicle

Certified Course

With the building blocks of your career set, you will have laid the foundation for your future.

We will add the golden bricks for you with certificates from Autodesk and Verzeo to reward your efforts with recognition.

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There are no prerequisites for this workshop. We will teach you everything from the basics. Don't worry, we have got you covered!

You will work with the latest technologies in the Car Designing domain. CATIA and ALIAS are the software that will be used for practical sessions.

Car Design may sound like an unconventional branch of study, but it is a lucrative career for those who are full of creative and innovative ideas. In India alone, automotive companies like Eicher, Ashok Leyland, and TVs have their design and development centers in India. Thus there are a plethora of opportunities for our budding designers.

The course curriculum has been discussed under the "Course Curriculum" Section.

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