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Learn the fundamentals of Angular Front End with the best guide.

To work on the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications, Google and a community of people came up together to create a JavaScript-based open-source front-end framework. And that is the Angular for you. We will provide you with the right resources and skills to master web development using Angular Framework.

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Overview of Angular

In this section, you will get to know about the most considered Front-End framework. We equip you to do depth studies on the fundamentals of Front-End JavaScript Frameworks & Angular is important. It doesn’t include any feature that belongs to the backend language.

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Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework designed to create dynamic single web page applications with fewer code lines.

The latest Chrome support versions, Firefox, Safari, and Safari for iOS and Internet Explorer versions 9-11.

Concepts covered in Angular

Learn the basics of Front End Development and how developers use this front-end framework to handle user interactions within the browser.

1.Introduction to Front-End JavaScript Frameworks & Angular

2.Usage of Learning Resources

3.Introduction to Full Stack Development

4.Setting up Git, Git Commands & Online Git Repositories

5.Node.js & NPM

6.Angular Application Architecture Overview & Angular Components

7.Structural Directives

Learn about AngularJS and its various aspects, including two-way data binding and angular directives and filters.

1.Data Binding


3.Angular Services

4.Dependency Injection

5.Header & Footer

6.Angular Routing Basics

7.Single Page Applications

8.Angular Router: Parameters

9.UI Design & Prototyping Template

Learn about Angular forms that will enable you to build clean structures without using too many directives. You will also learn about JavaScript frameworks.

1.Angular Template-driven Forms

2.Angular Template-driven Form Validation

3.Angular Reactive Forms

4.Angular Reactive Form Validation


6.Angular and RxJS

7.Single Page Applications and Angular Forms

Clear your concepts about client communication with a server. Also learn the best security practices that would improve the performance of web applications.

1.Networking Essentials

2.Angular HTTP Client

3.Brief Representational State Transfer (REST)

4.Attribute Directives

5.Angular Animations

6.Angular Testing

7.End-to-End Testing Angular Applications

8.Introduction to Webpack

9.Building and Deploying the Angular Application


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Get certified by top institutions in the country and Microsoft, our Gold Partner in helping us empower students like you with the requisite skills in your domain of proficiency.

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Yes, since the demand for web development is increasing each day, Angular is also being demanded more as it is one of the most valuable frameworks for front-end web development.

Yes, this course will teach you Angular from scratch and provide you with theoretical knowledge of the field. Projects and assignments will help to strengthen your practical wisdom for your overall development.


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