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Android Development Online Training Course | Android Development Course in India

Learn the fundamentals of Android app development and build a cloud-connected Android app. Learn the tools and best practices of Android development that you will further implement in your very own projects.

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Overview of Android Development

Verzeo’s Android Development is one of its kind, which lays on the foundation of developing Android Apps. This course is compiled in such a way that will help you build apps of your choice within a very less amount of time.

Our instructors are going to be available for you on every step you take in order to build a cloud-connected Android app.

This Android Development course allows the students to apply core Java Programming languages and software patterns that are needed to develop exclusive mobile apps as well as fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms.

Here are some of the most essential skills to be an Android Developer:

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • Java
  • XML
  • Material Design

Concepts covered in Android Development

We will learn about the basic architecture of Android platform and tools used by any Android application developer to create your own Android app.

In this section, we will learn the basic Android programming concepts using Java.

We will learn how to set the environment variables for Android Studio and identify the fundamentals of this program.

We will learn about all the components that are involved in the creation of an Android app.

Learn how to develop First Hello World Application & Emulator

Build customized Intents and curate your app the way you want.

Learn about broadcast receivers and different android components.

We will learn how to use a content provider and include fragments to our app.

Learn how layouts are arranged in your app and how you could establish commands to your app as well.

Learn how to collect data from a user and theme your events the same way.

Include chimes and other alters in your app and learn more about displaying them at the right time and integrating the same with other apps.

Build in-app browsers for your app to make the user of your app open links right from the app.

We will learn how to make basic calls and SMS as well.

Learn more about Images and Effects along with making the best image apps to load them up faster.

We will learn about Video Image Picker & Viewer in our Android Development.

Learn how to manage Android Sound more efficiently.

We will learn all about working with Light, Proximity, Gyroscope, Accelerometer.

Enable the functionality of Send & Receive.

Work on the Internal Storage & File Manager.

Stay on top of the features and best practices you can use to grow your app or game business on Google Play.

Learn how to use the Google Play Console to manage your apps and games and grow your business on Google Play.

Work on the minor and major projects.

Project Titles

To improve your practical exposure to the subject we also provide you with projects to work on that simulate the real-world technicalities concerning Android Development.

Android Development

Weather Forecast App

Develop your very own weather forecast app and customize it the way you want.

Android Sens(Check All The Available Sensor And Test)

Walkthrough the functioning of all the Android sensors including Gyroscope, Accelerometer etc.

Camera Application

Make your own camera application and build your very first camera with all the features you want

Bluetooth Control

Enable Bluetooth functionality across your Android and learn the science behind pairing devices.

Certified Course

Our way of recognizing your efforts is to keep our end of the bargain by providing you with the necessary certifications for your hard work.

Get certified by top institutions in the country and Microsoft, our Gold Partner in helping us empower students like you with the requisite skills in your domain of proficiency.

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Here are some of the most essential skills to be an Android Developer:

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • Java
  • XML
  • Material Design

Learning Android development is definitely trickier. You need to have a great understanding of Java and XML. However, with the right resources like Verzeo, you would be guided from the beginning to the end.

Android still remains one of the most used operating systems that powers half the smartphones in the world. For Android development, you need to learn Java which is also very much in-demand. This makes Android definitely worth learning.

Verzeo does have a department dedicated to the placement of students and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has been successful in maintaining high placement statistics over the years and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.

For you to develop Android apps, you either need Java or C++ knowledge. Simple apps could be made with tools, but real and customized apps are built with programming knowledge.


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