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Best Full Time Paid Internship jobs

Like we discussed in our older blog posts, internship are a whole new opportunity for the students who..

By Vinayak

31 Dec 2019

Like we discussed in our older blog posts, internships are a whole new opportunity for the students who want to have a successful career ahead and also have some of the perks of being an intern in any kind of company.When it comes to finding the best kind of internship job, there are plenty of opportunities available for you. In case you are want to get enrolled in any company for an internship job and that too full time, then we are here to answer your queries.

1. Is there any website to find an internship for new startups?

Many of the students plan to open their own ‘startups’ right after college. The knowledge, however, is quite limited in terms to start a business from scratch. Today every startup business which we see needs to market their product online. Every product needs its very own marketing in today’s market in different ways.

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The best way to gain a brief knowledge of Marketing is to do a job or even get enrolled in an internship program. There are a lot of internship websites available which you can refer to and pave way for your future opinions.

  • Intern App
  • Verzeo
  • LetsIntern
  • IndianInternship
  • Internshala

Along with this, try finding some of the business profiles on sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor and try to approach them

2.How to hire an intern for startups?

Startups require a lot of skills and knowledge from the owners. Here are a few things which you need to know while hiring interns for startups:

  • Get such leadership that interns can learn from and respect.
  • Have a great story about the company’s vision.
  • Go to the university career fairs and tell an amazing story which you have now.
  • Pay fair wages to the interns.

Engineers do want to work on and learn some cool stuff. The startup culture is too glamorous. In case you aren’t attracting talent already, you need to work on a few elements for sure.

Discover a variety of interships in fields ranging from amangement to computer sciences.

3. What are the top startups/companies to intern for in India?

There is no list as such when it comes to sorting from the best. However, experiences, etc shared online in various fields matter. Here is a list of the top startups/companies for interning in India:

  • Google
  • Housing
  • Flipkart
  • Zomato
  • Swiggy
  • Medd
  • Sendd
  • TVF
  • HolaChef
  • VC Firms

4. What is the best way to recruit interns?

Colleges which are around the location of your startup is one of the finest ways of getting some interns who are willing to work for your company. Depending on your income as well as resources, you might however not be able to pay your interns, which means that the college students who are looking for an internship offering experience and maybe even a job after graduation could be one of the best markets to reach out to. They are quite smart and willing to learn as well. Make sure to find out the best.

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