What is the difference betwen Crowdsourcing and Outsourcing?

How Verzeo helps Crowdsourcing in Outsourcing

Most companies have requirements and needs that may not be able to meet on their own. This could stem from inadequate resources...


23rd Aug 2018


high expenses, or the lack of a skilled workforce to do the job. To reduce this burden and at the same time, get the job done, these companies outsource their work to companies like Verzeo.How does Verzeo get the job done? While the company outsources its work, Verzeo CrowdSources. It CrowdSources Students from all over the country by converting business requirements into Internship opportunities for Students who connect with them.

Students work part-time for a fixed stipend and the company, in turn, pays not for the hours of work done, but instead, the amount of work done.Students to provide quality work for the companies, they are filtered through interviews conducted every day. The selected candidates are trained by Verzeo before being given Internships and work to do. Thus, this outsourcing through crowdsourcing provides numerous benefits- both to the students and the companies.

company does not have to engage in the lengthy recruitment process and there’s no risk involved because the company only pays for the work done. The Student workforce available is dense and also highly trainable. This pattern of work ensures a win-win situation where everyone is satisfied at the end of it.


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