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The difference between training and internship

Quite often students are confused about the differences between training and internship. There comes a point in your education where you have to decide whether you want to do training or an internship.


29th July 2020

Difference between training and internship -Verzeo

Without knowing the actual difference between the two, students quite often go with the one which their friends are taking up. In this blog, I will be showing you some key difference between training and internship which can help you when you are facing such a dilemma.

P.S: Continue along till the to read some of the other relevant questions and answers you might have related to internships in India.

Training and Internship: the difference

Although both training and internship are the same in the context that they both enhance you skill set and put the knowledge gained to practical use. But still, there is a world of difference between the two. Read along to know some key difference between the two.

The key difference

Internship is like a period before real job where students get to apply the knowledge they have gained through the course of their education practically. On the other hand, Training is like a skill acquisition program where the employer guides the candidate in acquiring a particle skill set which is required your domain of work. It is more like an educational program where the emphasis is laid on practical learning than theoretical knowledge.

Employement contract

Training is given only when a person is hired by a company or is already working with the company for some time. After training is over the candidate will be a permanent employee of the company. Whereas there is no such contract between an intern and the company. At the end of the internship the candidate can either be given job contract or be rejected.

Paid vs Unpaid

Internships can be paid as well as unpaid. It entirely depends upon the organization in which the candidate is working. While during training the candidate is on the company’s payroll and is paid according to the contract


The duration of training is purely subjected to the company and can vary from 15-20 days to anywhere up to 2-3 months. In the case of Internship, the duration is lengthier than training can be up to 2-3 months. In some cases, it can even be up to 12 months long.

Note: The above difference between training and internship can vary depending on the organization in which you are working. Its duration, salary, etc. are purely subjected to a company providing internship or training.

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Other relevant questions to internships

Are work-study and Internship the same thing?

Work-study is quite different than that of internships. It is a program that provides part-time jobs for the UG students as well as graduates, helping them with financial needs and also allowing them to earn some money at the same time to help pay education expenses. This kind of job also goes through college cafeterias, school gyms, libraries, etc. These jobs generally pay close to the minimum wage and are quite helpful for your experience also.

At the same time, an internship happens to be such a position of the student who works in an organization, which usually doesn’t pay, but sometimes, it does! To gain work experience, internships are there who align you with your career and academic goals, giving a greater addition to your resume.

Do one-year MBA students get time for internships?

MBA students have a lot of curriculum to complete within the two years of their course. Even if they don’t have a lot on their plate, it is expected to increase sooner. The most important thing, of course, is to focus on the curriculum first. As soon as it’s done, you get the second year for placements. However if you haven’t had the time for internships so far, we recommend doing the same in the first year itself. You just need to manage the time and align it with the course which you are pursuing. The most important thing is to have proper time management, which happens to be quite necessary when it comes to MBA. Moreover, MBA students have a training semester in their final semester of first year. There they get opportunity as well time for internships.

Internship vs training - Verzeo

Is it possible to be a summer intern and take a Summer class at the same time?

If you are planning to do the same, make sure you are informing your recruiter about this plan which makes it better for you as well as your employer. Your employer expects you to work full time on your project and if you do otherwise, you are breaking the commitment. You might also not be able to focus on both the things simultaneously. So, it is better that you do everything one by one. It might also develop a bad image in the eyes of the employer if you do the same.

Are there any internships available for school going students?

There are a lot of internships available when it comes to finding. And of course, there are a lot of different places for you to try out for internships. Since many students only take up summer internships, you may have a lot of chances of getting an internship during your school year. Well, more and more companies want to have interned at their places all year round. As the company educates an intern supervisor and develops a working program, it makes a great sense to maintain the routine and have extra help on the company.

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