Scope of psychology in India | Career in psychology in India

Scope of Psychology in India and Abroad

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of the mind and its behavior. It is a relatively new field of science as its major advances…


27th Aug 2018


can be traced back to merely 150 years or so. In a time where mental health is being given more importance than ever, its rising awareness demands progress in the field of psychology. The paradigm shift mental health is undergoing marks a new era in the never-ending evolution of the medical world. Psychology offers a great scope to improve and advance in and portrays an image of a bright and promising future.

Wilhelm Wundt founded the first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig (in Germany) in 1897. Ever since the field and study of psychology have moved nowhere but forward. The demand for advancement of the field and more number of psychologists is immense. There are quite a few branches of psychology that propose several career options. They include Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Development Psychology, Evolution Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology, Social Psychology, etc. One can take up the job of a professor, teacher, therapist, counselor, doctor and so on.

If we look at these careers further, there are new opportunities in domains like Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Education Psychology. Psychologists can work in various quarters like NGOs, Community Support Groups, Rehabilitation Centers, Industries, start their very own Clinical Settings, further study to become a psychiatrist, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges.


With the industry of psychology booming like never before, the possibilities and opportunities are infinite. There is still much to learn and discover about the human mind and its perception of the world.

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