How to get an Internship on PHP developer

Why you want do Internships on Web Development?

Internships are such an element of the hiring companies that it has become really essential for the students to enroll for..


14 OCT 2019


Internships are such an element of the hiring companies that it has become really essential for the students to enroll for the same and get the best out of themselves and their career. However, another important thing for the candidates to realize while in an internship program is about starting and maintaining a quality internship program.

Internships usually bring out the best out of a trainee, which actually makes sure that he is doing well in his workplace. Maintaining a quality internship program could prove to be fruitful down a few years in your life and so, you need to know how to actually make it worth while So, in this post, we would be mentioning some of the norms of internships and why and where should you apply for the internships.

1. How to get a well-paid internship as a PHP developer?

First of all, if you are wondering where to start, we would recommend Internshala or Verzeo.


In this question, the person being interviewed needs to ask himself first why he wanted to be a web developer at an early age and if they are self-taught. This element would help a candidate determine their level of passion in the course and the commitment towards his/her profession. In your answer, you might need elements like:

As long as you have your hands on a portfolio of websites that you have built using PHP, you are considered golden. It really won’t hurt to learn some languages like CSS, HTML, MySQL, etc. as they only pave your way to the right path. The internships are too easy to obtain over a normal job.

The reason for the same is because they don’t require you to know a lot. Basic skills really pay off. Make sure to look for the related developer internships as well as they require similar skills and really aren’t that hard. They are quite alike. They focus on databases more (like SQL Developer) along with web development

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2. What is the best-paid internship site?

In case you are looking to get paid while you are doing your internship with a company, you can easily apply for an internship program within the following sites as they are one of the best-paid internship sites:

  • Internshala
  • Verzeo
  • Twenty19
  • Youth4work
  • LetsIntern
  • Student Competitions

3. How to get paid internships abroad from India?

As we already mentioned, good internships are the key to a person’s career. An internship adds the weight you need in your resume which goes a long way down the career you have.

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As a suggestion, it would be good to look for the work experience as well as the reputation of the company rather than just paying while applying for the company. If your list of companies is long, you might want to contact the HR and mail your resume in any company.You can also check online and get info about internships. They always allow you to put in preference and find any of the sources of internship, even when abroad.

4. What are some of the highest-paid internships?

In case you want to start from the top, here are some of the highest-paid internships (all in USD)

  • Microsoft - $7100 per month
  • ExxonMobil - $6500 per month
  • Salesforce - $6000 per month
  • Facebook - $8000 per month!
  • Amazon - $7000 per month

As we all know, these are some of the top tier companies and well known as well. Their internship programs are no doubt one of the best, yet hardest to get in. There are a lot more things to do than just applying here.


Also, as a matter of fact, you might find the highest-paid internships in software companies only.

If you are getting an internship in any of the companies mentioned above, they you have actually done something which students only dream to aspire to. Be proud of yourself and give your best in every case when expected.

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