Internship Programs that Cultivate Future Employees

Internship Programs that Cultivate Future Employees

As we have already mentioned in some of the previous blog posts, the internship program usually is the root of the success of a student...


28 NOV 2019


As we have already mentioned in some of the previous blog posts, the internship program usually is the root of the success of a student. In the present era, if you aren’t enrolling yourself for relevant internship programs, you are missing a lot of opportunities from top tier companies who can change your life forever.

Employers hunt for such candidates who have a lot of knowledge about the norms and working of a company. This kind of thing is the cultivating element in the companies in general. Employers usually look for the potential and experience of a candidate before hiring them. This kind of experience is only achieved when a student enrolls himself into an internship program.

We would be discussing similar kind of elements in this blog posts and answering some of the internship programs which cultivate future employees. So, let’s start.

1. What investment banks have the best internship programs?

Most of the investment banks usually do more or less the same kind of things as a part of the internship program, something like the weekly talks, having an assigned mentor and even a getaway weekend probably.None of this usually matters.

Internships usually are about the team which you are working with. The way they engage and what kind of work you are getting if they take the time to explain and answer the questions. Every bank usually has great teams for interns to work with and these teams might usually end up either ignoring you or engaging with you.

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Make sure to pick such a team that you like and which seems engaging. An internship is a possibility but usually doesn’t come in handy much.

2. What are the summer internship programs for a B.COM student?

There are a lot of summer internship programs for a B.Com Student and enrolling in the same is quite easy.You may want to start by looking for such companies who are nearby. Secondly, write an email to them with your resume attached and provide them with such information which is relevant to your working and everything regarding your knowledge and education. You can also ask your college teachers to pass out a recommendation letter that works quite well with companies. This kind of recommendation gives you a boost and brings you into consideration. It’s worth giving a shot.

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And as far as programs for internships are concerned, you can try approaching companies through Internshala or Verzeo who are the leading internship companies in India.

3. What is the real idea behind internship programs?

Internships are typically such periods of life where the work experience is provided by an employer to such students who have the potential to cope up with the standards of the company where they are working. It also provides valuable hands-on experience in any kind of subject along with providing an opportunity for the students to realize their abilities. An internship program usually lasts for a smaller period and in a few cases, it could be paid as well. It also helps you in deciding whether you are satisfied with the selected career option or not. We recommend going for such kind of internships where you realize you are doing something of value and virtue rather than going after money.

4. How did you get a job in the Wall Street Financial Companies?

Let us break down the very same process for you in steps:

  • First, you need a Graduation + I.B related course which can include MBA/Masters in Finance/CFA, etc.
  • You might want to relocate to the USA
  • Opt for an internship for the experience.

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  • Find a firm that can sponsor your FINRA Exam. When choosing the category of the exam, choose the Registered Representative Levels category.
  • After you clear the exam, you get about 2 years for accreditation registered on your name.
  • Once you are done with the accreditation, you might have a choice with a few broker firms. There you can &choose to get an entry into Wall Street and work for them.

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