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Who are we?

We help thousands of students decide their careers. We guarantee that Verzeo is 'the' one-stop online learning platform that provides students with all the resources needed to make them industry-ready. We aim to deliver our mantra “Everything Learning” to every household that is brewing an aspiring careerist.

At Verzeo, we bridge the gap between classrooms and workplaces with our flagship Mentorship Programs. Our course is for everyone ranging from Kids and Professionals to even Home-Makers! We aim to provide quality education, thus preparing them for better career prospects!

Verzeo acts as a virtual pool, creating channels to unleash their learning potential. It provides access to programs that are interactive, collaborative and takes place under the mentorship of Industry Professionals. With Verzeo, you can seamlessly find Mentorship and Job Opportunities.

We have collaborated with technical moguls to create a dynamic learning platform. We offer a comprehensive learning portal which can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone. 


Help students identify their interests & navigate them towards the right direction


Bridge the gap between students and the latest technological trends 


Nurture the young minds of today, to make them efficient leaders for tomorrow


Story of VERZEO

Witnessing the current times, we can come to this conclusion that online education is everywhere.  There are numerous options for online training. We being a responsible entity realize that it has become significant for the careerists to know about the right place that will help them achieve their dreams, to feel the exhilaration of victory!

Our CEO, V.V Subrahmanyam founded Verzeo, in 2018. He aims to train students to make them industry-ready. He believes that to savour each aspirant of the country with the taste of good mentorship, it’s necessary to bridge the gap between technology and education.

We have come up with a variety of courses ranging from Kids Programs, Job-Guarantee Programs, and Pro-Degree Programs packed with live projects and interactive sessions.  We also provide Banking & CA training, along with technical programs. Our aim is to provide learning aids in a broad spectrum, so that students from various fields can rely on our one-stop online learning solution, Verzeo.  

With more than 900 employees on board, the CEO aims to hit the company’s valuation of 500 crores by the end of 2022. We, the Verzeo family, work day-in and day-out to achieve our CEO’s target of shaping the future of millions of young minds. 

At Verzeo, learning is not limited to any specific domain; we provide our students with immense networking opportunities with  industry professionals to expand their horizons of growth and development.

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Verzeo is an E-learning platform offering students a holistic learning experience helping them become Industry ready.


3rd Floor, 14th Cross Rd, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560102


3rd Floor, 14th Cross Rd, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560102